Bulls & Rockets Carmelo Anthony’s Preferred Destination


Big surprise here. Carmelo Anthony is planning on opting out of his contract with the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls.

It’s the off season, the finals are almost done so the NBA draft and free agency is what is on most basketball fans minds. On Friday, Melo and his agent Leon Rose, met in LA with Knicks president Phil Jackson, new head coach Derek Fisher and former team general manager Steve Mills. The specifics weren’t revealed but basically, the same story we’ve been hearing for months, Melo wants to opt out and test the water, Phil wants him to opt in.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets have “emerged as the clear frontrunners.” Both teams are reportedly looking to free up enough money to either sign Anthony outright or work with New York through a sign-and-trade.

Two weeks until free agency kicks off and all questions will be answered.