All-Star Fashion

I’m not sure if the NFL does Pro Bowl portraits but the NBA does for the All-Star game, I like to see the guys (or their stylist) show you their individual style or lack there of…

* Ummmm Bron is looking rather scruffy, eh at least he’s showing you how to rock his shoes with gear, 1st pair that looks decent with real clothes. 

 * Brandon Jennings had a poll on for what cut he should rock, the Gumby won! I like his look here. Shout outs to Bobby Brown!!!

* DWade is giving you his SEXY

* I see you Melo!!

*Not his portrait but Kobe looks GOOD. 

 * Chris Paul is injured but he’s still in the D. Looking quite dapper might I add.

 * P2 I know he’s from LA but he recently said on his blog he feels closer to Boston and if this is how he plans on representing, YOU CAN HAVE HIM! #FASHIONFAIL

 * Seeeeeeeee I can’t, I just CANNOT. I see ya Boston Fashion