All Star break; Where are we???

All-Star Break. One of my favorite benchmarks of the NBA season. A quick look at where a few of my favs (and the teams I like to laugh at) are midway through the season:

* I told you to keep an eye on The Thunder. They go into the break with 30 wins, 6 in a row. They’ve also got their 15th road win of the season, in the 2 previous seasons combined, they won a total of 15 road games. Kevin Durant had his 25th straight game of 25 or more points. Embrace them NOW!! 6th seed in the West

* Houston started off strong but have completely fallen off the radar. They can’t still be distracted by TMac. In their game against the Heat, the entire Rockets team had 8 assists. TOTAL… the entire game. Plus 16 turnovers. They’re 9th in the West a half a game out of the 8th spot occupied by the Blazers. 

* The Cleveland Cavaliers are the top team in the NBA at 42 & 11. The Cavs have won 12 straight. Shaq looks motivated, LeBron is mauling his way across the league (he has 20 double doubles this season) . So the question is, will they make a trade before next week’s deadline and do they even need to?

* The Lakers have rested Kobe for 3 games, the result; 3 wins! It helps the team gain confidence within each other that they can do it without Kobe there, it also gives Kobe more confidence in his teammates (and the rest he needs). Team Work makes the Dream Work!! 
I said it last year, the Lakers play best when they feel like they’re fighting to prove something. The Cavs are killing right now but I still don’t believe they can be the Lakers in a 7 game series. SEASON SWEEP so… AND?? JUNE baby!!  Lakers are sitting quite cozy on top of the west at 41 and 13

* New coach with the Clippers but no changes yet. Chris Kaman is an all-star (Brand Roy’s hamstring made Chris a late addition) but it’s still not working. I find a vacation always makes me feel renewed. Let’s hope everyone on the Clipps has a relaxing break so they can at least pretend to be fighting for a playoff spot. Picture included because I had no clue what he looks like. Sigh Please be at least exciting post all-start Clippers. PLEASE

* Random stat that sort of sums up the Nets season… Due to a snowstorm on east coast, only 1000 fans attended the Bucks vs. Nets game. SAD!! 4 wins so far this season. I’m sure Jay is trying to figure out how to disassociate himself… Kidding!!

* Steve Nash is 35 years old and averaging 11.1 apg. The Suns currently sit 5th in the West

If you’d like to take a peek at where your team is check the conference standings HERE

* Last note, E! aired it’s True Hollywood Story: Basketball wives. It showed all ends of the spectrum, from the touching story about Jason Maxiell & his wife Brandi and how they battled her cancer diagnosis together to the hardships of Joumana Kidd & Siohvaughn Wade. Flash obviously took issue with Vaughn’s commentary and remarked on twitter, don’t believe everything you hear. :shrug: While I agree with that statement, I didn’t think she said anything too crazy but that’s my view from the sidelines. Personally, I wish he wouldn’t even have acknowledged it. His lawsuit last year spoke volumes. Stay classy people!! 

On to All-Star 2010 we go!! You know I’ll keep you updated, it’ll be just like being there… yeah maybe not but I give good recap!