Why The Celtics-Thunder Trade Makes Sense

It’s been 2 days since the trade between the Celtics and the Thunder was completed. Kendrick Perkins doesn’t look to be hitting the court anytime soon and members of the Celtics seem to still be in mourning about the lost of Perkins and and energy guy Nate Robinson. (well really more so Kendrick but you know). Jeff Green’s face on the Celtics bench last night said a lot too.

The Celtics went with a move for the future -and possibly something deeper going on with Perkins knee maybe. As currently constructed, the window is just about closed for this version of the Celtics.

The Thunder on the other hand have the pieces in place for the future but needed some help with the here and now. The addition gives them size upfront to bang with the likes of the Lakers and Dallas.

The moves make sense but you also can’t discount chemistry. Like I mentioned with the Baron Davis trade, this is a business. Everyone will be ok as long their team wins it all.