One On One: An Interview With Basketball Wives’ Ashley Walker

When season 2 of Basketball Wives kicked off in December, there were lots of questions surrounding new cast member Ashley Walker. Is she a wife, would she be as “dramaticing” (I made that word up) as some of the other cast members and what exactly does she do with all her free time.

You have questions, I had a chance to chat with the New Orleans native to give you answers:

Jill: What do you think people should know about you outside of the fact that you’re in a relationship with a professional athlete.

Ashley: I try to bring more of a positive light and a different spin on being with a basketball player I was initially nervous about joining the cast when approached by producers because of the drama but decided the show needed a new perspective.

Jill: You have several philanthropic efforts. We first meet you on the show at one of your charity events. How did you select the causes you support?

Ashley: I founded Mission of Love because I have a passion for kids (Ashley was a 5th grade teacher before she decided to be a full time mom) we take a yearly trip to Africa where we feed students, make sure that they have basic necessities. I also mentor teenage girls through my program, “A Girl’s Life” and I have a lip gloss line (proceeds benefit her organization and YES it was established before Jen’s line. No shade)

Jill: Clearly one of the highlight’s of Basketball Wives are the cat fights. We’ve seen a few situations occur that involve you. What are your relationships like with the other ladies?

Ashley: I talk about my foundation,  I try to stay out of all the drama going on.I’m not confrontational but I’m not going to let anybody disrespect me either. I don’t have issues with any of them. I’m closer with Royce but no problems with anyone.

Jill: If people want to learn more about Mission Of Love and A Girl’s Life or become involved, how can they get more information?

Ashley: They can go to my website