5 Questions For Knicks Fans

“We sat down as a collective unit and came out with this decision, that NY was the place to take my talent.” – Carmelo Anthony

I guess “Talent” really is the new buzz word for superstar collabos. Anyway, on to the questions:

  • I thought part of the issue that Amare’ had being in Phoenix was that he wanted to be “That Guy”. Now with the addition of Melo isn’t he back to being #2?
  • How deep into the playoffs does this move really get the Knickerbockers and do you care if Chauncey bolts?
  • Are Knicks fans ready for the Kardashianization of their squad? LOL Lakers east.What??? Don’t be mad at me. ::giggles::


  • Speaking of, Lala got a shout out at today’s press conference. Why didn’t Chauncey’s wife get one? Just a question.


  • Who said the rapper Manio could make the “Stat and Melo” Knicks theme song or is it “yeah Carmelo” whatever


  • I know at one point Walt”Clyde” Frazier was a sweet dresser. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s outlived his fashion sense… or something. Yikes

I need to do a post of men whose fashion sense I appreciate.  it’s coming! But I digress, courtside Knicks tickets for tonight’s game are said to be going for more than $12,000 dollars. A healthy Knicks squad fuels the NBA.