Deron Williams Traded To The Nets

Point Guard Deron Williams has been traded to the Nets. The Utah Jazz agreed to send the All-Star point guard to the Nets in exchange for rookie Derrick Favors, point guard Devin Harris and two first-round picks.

The immediate question that comes to mind with this news; If Deron had trouble dealing with Jerry Sloan, how will this situation play out with Coach Avery “The Little General” Johnson?

If the stories that floated out of Utah a few weeks ago were true (that Jerry’s frustration with Deron led to his out-of-the-blue retirement.) I’m sure Jerry is thinking the Jazz should’ve made this move sooner.

For his part, Deron is said to be shocked by the news and not happy. To quote someone on twitter, “What’s your definition of Karma Deron?”

And the season goes on.