2018 NCAA Final Four Preview

Yeah, your bracket has been busted, but there are four teams left in the NCAA tournament. All of them are capable of winning the title. Let’s preview the upcoming NCAA battles and touch on certain points of interest. This year is incredibly fascinating, particularly due to the unexpected success of Loyola Chicago.

Who’s Playing in the Final Four?

Number 1 Villanova is playing Number 1 Kansas. Also, Number 3 Michigan is playing Number 11 Loyola Chicago.

Which Team is the Favorite in the Villanova and Kansas Game?

Villanova is the favorite. There are several reasons for this. First, they have Jalen Brunson. He’s an explosive point guard, and he is the USA Today Player of the Year. Second, they have the best offense in the nation. Their team truly is explosive on the offensive side of the ball. They average 87 points per game, a whopping total that leads the nation. Villanova also has two powerful big men, opposed to Michigan and Loyola who tend to play small ball. These twin towers will be difficult for these others in the tournament to stop. Villanova is the favorite versus Kansas, and the favorite overall.

Who’s the Favorite Between Michigan and Loyola?

Michigan is the three seed and experts would say they’re the favorites. However, don’t count out Loyola. They are playing with a lot of confidence and momentum. Loyola is the most fun team left in the tournament, and many people across the country (and the world) are rooting for them.

Who Is Sister Jean?

Sister Jean is a 98-year-old nun from Loyola who has become the team’s unofficial mascot. She has her own bobblehead doll and custom sneakers. She has a real passion for the game, and she lives life with energy and vitality. Her bobblehead doll has record-breaking sales, and she even has rivals springing up. The tournament should be very fun.



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