2010 Donkey & Shrek? Your Boston Celtics

(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The series is tied 2-2. Just what I expected at this point. Lakers in 6!! I stand by my claim. So far I’ve been on target with the games I felt the Lakers would drop. My expectation is that we win it all on our home court next Tuesday.

Last night the Celtics had an impressive win thanks in part to Glen “Big Baby” Davis. 18 points half of which were scored in the 4th quarter. If you were ever unsure as to how he received that moniker, this should give you one version:

ICK! That’s just outright disgusting. Then again, what would you expect from a man that makes these faces on the court

Oh yeah, He’ll never live this moment down either:

Although last night KG was his 2nd biggest cheerleader! Obviously Nate Robinson gets all Mascot last night as he rode around the court on Big Baby’s back and received some honorary slob for his effort… GROSS.

Per the post game press conference, you’re looking at the 2010 Celtics version of Donkey & Shrek (guess that’s a new finals paring, a few years ago Shaq & Damon Jones said the same)

Lakers- Celtics all locked up at 2 a piece. We’ve got a series People!! Are you not entertained!