We Want a STAR: Lebron, DWade, Chris Bosh

LeBron, DWade, heck even Udonis Haslem.  All 3 are involved in cities and its fans campaigning for them to sign with their NBA team.

The Miami Heat launched a We Want Wade website. Fans can upload videos, pictures and personal messages to DWade encouraging him to stay in South Beach. There’s even a contract billboard they’d like him to sign (once he officially signs, I think he’s on of the few not switching teams)

Doesn’t CB4 have dreads now? They might have made a little more effort and selected a current image to show him they’re TRULY watching!

Jadakiss, Nipsey Hustle and others (clearly not anyone I view worth mentioning but…) put a few tracks on a Vitamin Water Mixtape to get LeBron to choose their teams

Even Diddy weighed in on Twitter

Nice to see the Heat showing a similar aggressive approach to their Blue Collar players too.

Billboards, mixtapes, parades (ok maybe it was just a gathering of passionate fans) when is it just too much??