2 Photos 1 Game: Kevin Durant is Nervous- Chris Paul is Sad [Photos]


The last three minutes of Clippers vs. Thunder was heart stopping. The Clippers were up by seven with 50 seconds left in the fourth quarter. The Clippers had a meltdown, and Kevin Durant made a key jump shot, but it was Russell Westbrook who stepped up and hit three clutch free throws. Kevin Durant must have been going through a nervous tummy moment.

Durant sat down on the court and turned his back to the basket while Russ hit those baskets.


Those aren’t the only memorable images related to Game 5. Chris Paul’s post game presser was the saddest ever. Paul didn’t make excuses. Russ ended the night with 38 points including 23 in the second half.


photo via CJZero

photo via CJZero


photos via @OKCThunder