Magic Johnson On Donald Sterling [Video]


Magic Johnson sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to discuss estranged Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Sterling made several comments regarding Magic in his interview the day prior with Cooper.

Magic said he’s praying for Sterling, answered Sterling’s questions regarding, “what does Magic do?” and once again reiterated that players are not interested in playing for the Sterling family – in other words, don’t fight this, take your money and enjoy the rest of your life.


“It’s sad. It really is,” Magic said, “I’m going to pray for this man.”

Johnson also pointed out there was no reason for Sterling to continually guide the conversation to himself as the topic. He also said that outside of taking the photo with V. Stivano on Instagram, he didn’t know her.

“Magic Johnson shouldn’t have been included in the conversation,” he says. “And since you’ve put me in it again… Then my competitive spirit comes out.”

Magic also explained that although Sterling said Johnson phoned him twice and advised him to be patient and not say anything, Magic says that the truth is that Sterling phoned him.

“I said the number one thing you need to do which you haven’t done is apologize to everybody, and myself,” Johnson said he told Sterling, who asked Magic to go on Barbara Walters with him. “What’s really sad is, it’s not about me. This is about the woman you love outing you and taping you and putting your conversation out here for everybody to know. … This is between you two, but then he wants to include me.”

Magic also cleared up Donald’s confusion about his philanthropic contributions to the urban community.

“My whole life is devoted to urban America. So, you know I just wish he knew the facts when he’s talking,” Johnson told Cooper. “But he’s a man who’s upset and he’s reaching. He’s reaching. He’s trying to find something that he can grab on to help him save his team. And it’s not going to happen.”