Five MLB teams with the Best Chance to Win the World Series

Baseball is a game of parity. More so than any other sport, in the game of baseball, any team can win on any given day. That fact is put to the extreme when it comes to the MLB post-season.

Unlike in the NBA or NFL, where the best teams during the regular season make it all the way to the Super Bowl or Finals, in the MLB that is not the case. The MLB playoffs are dominated by pitchers and timely hitting. Although hitting is important, as is evident by the last few winners, pitching wins the World Series. From starters to closers to long relievers, the ability to dominate opposing hitters is the key to winning World Series games. Here are the teams that have the best chance to win the World Series.


  • The Chicago Cubs

When looking at the roster, it seems that fans in Chicago are beginning to truly believe that this is the year when the 100-year World Series drought comes to an end. At the top end of their rotation, Lester and Arietta have proven to be a dangerous duo. What sets the Cubs apart from other teams is their dangerous line up, anchored by Rizzo, Bryant and Heyward. The Cubs have the ability to shut teams down with their pitching and put up huge numbers offensively. Smart money is on the Cubs for a deep post-season run.


  • The New York Mets

With hands-down the best starting rotation in baseball, the Mets are going to make a deep run in the playoffs. In a seven-game series, it is possible that the Mets will be able to throw one of their aces four or five times. That is no easy task for opposing hitters. If the Mets do not make a deep run, it’s going to be thanks to their mediocre lineup rather than to their historically good pitching.


  • The Kansas City Royals

Going back-to-back is no easy task, and the same rings true for the 2016 Royals. With one of the best bullpens in baseball, and a few very good starting pitchers, the Royals are back on the hunt. The only question with the Royals is whether their offense will be able to put up enough runs to win World Series games. The answer is probably “yes,” but with a team this good it’s hard to find any true flaws.