Rangers’ Rougned Odor Punched Blue Jays’ José Bautista At Second Base

Toronto Blue Jays’ slugger José Bautista infamous bat flip from the 2015 AL Division Series? That might have been on Texas Rangers’ Rougned Odor mind when he chin checked Bautista during a game Sunday night.

Things ignited after a hard slide into second base into Odor’s legs during the top of the eight. Odor pushed Bautista then connected with his jaw, sending Bautista’s sunglasses and helmet across the field. That’s when the two teams spilled onto the field.

“I had a hard slide at second base. I could have injured [Odor, but] I chose not to,” Bautista said. “I tried to send a message that I didn’t appreciate getting hit [by the pitch].”

“I was pretty surprised,” Bautista said. “I mean, obviously, that’s the only reason that he got me, and he got me pretty good, so I have to give him that. It takes a little bit bigger man to knock me down.”

Both Bautista and Odor were ejected after the brawl, plus Toronto third baseman Josh Donaldson and Texas bench coach Steve Buechele.


Final score, Rangers 7-6, in a win that included additional chippiness and injections.