Fans Chant Kyrie Irving To Kehlani as She Performs in Austin

A few months ago, singer Kehlani admitted to her Instagram followers that she attempted to take her life following some drama on the app kicked off, after her ex posted a photo of the two in bed. The problem was, as far as her fans knew, Kehlani was still dating Cleveland Cavs’ guard Kyrie Irving.

It was an intense situation and also once again brought social media and “bullying” to the forefront. Fast forward to this weekend, Kehlani was performing a show in Austin, Tx. where fans began to chant the point guard’s name.

Chris Brown was someone who felt Kehlani posting and deleting hours after an “alleged” suicide attempt was done for attention. He also noted that if it was a guy who got caught up, there would be no sympathy.


If you’re wondering about Kehlani’s current status with Party Next Door. That’s unknown, but PND was recently spotted hanging out with Kylie Jenner – he got under Tyga’s skin by posting the two’s watches with the caption “Diamond Battle” – sidenote, PND likes to show hands on the gram to shade the next man… interesting.


Tyga responded with his own diamonds and the same caption.



and Instagram vixen Sophia the Body.



Kehlani recently stopped one of her shows to speak on mental illness and suicide. Head over to page 2 to hear what she had to say.