Dodgers Yasiel Puig Under Investigation After Argument With Sister

All three major US sports leagues implemented changes to their domestic violence policies following three high profile incidents in the NFL in 2014. LA Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig is currently under investigation by the MLB following an incident that took place in Miami a few days ago involving Puig and his sister.

According to TMZSports, Wednesday night Puig and his sister had an argument that turned physical while at the Blue Martini bar.

Puig was reportedly asked by bouncers to leave the bar following the argument. “at some point,” Puig and a bouncer began to fight, leaving Puig with a swollen left eye and “minor bumps and bruises” to his face. He said the bouncer got a busted lip and minor facial bruises.



Neither party wanted to press charges. However, after MLB officials and players agreed to a new policy last summer, Commissioner Rob Manfred has the jurisdiction to punishing players believed to be in violation of the conduct code. There are no maximum or minimum penalties prescribed in the deal. Manfred also was given the authority to suspend a player with pay while legal proceedings are ongoing.

Neither the Dodgers or Puig via his agent have commented on the situation.


photo via Instagram