Body Language: What Was Gabrielle Union Saying To DWade?

The Miami Heat were in New York to face off against the Knicks Friday. The Heat knocked off the Knicks 97-78, but all anyone is really buzzing about is “the look” Gabrielle Union gave Dwyane Wade when they were chatting postgame on the court.

There are several theories thrown out as to what conversation is taking place and the look Gabby gives Dwyane at the end.

Was she scolding him? One tweet I saw said Gabby was probably saying, “I just find it funny that…” Was it a look of lust – that’s what I’m rolling with. One of those, “hey cowboy you did your thing out there tonight, let me polish up your boots.”

DWade’s stats for the night, 17 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, plus he put a guy on skates and hit a pull up jumper in his face after dribbling between his legs. That’s impressive right?

The world will likely never know. But what they will continue to do is speculate. Keep in mind how cute and cozy the couple looked the night before, celebrating Thanksgiving with The Boshes and Anthonys.

Sidenote, it does seem reminiscent of a moment in one of Gab’s films. Bring it on MaryJane while Eva delivers us…