Dabs And Blings From Cam Newton, Rihanna, JR Smith & Drake

What do Cam Newton, Rihanna and JR Smith have in common? Dabbin’ of course. Cam has caused a frenzy in the sports world this season. Not just with his MVP candidate performance with the Carolina Panthers, but also with his “dabbin” celebrations.

Friday night Cam took in the Charlotte Hornets vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. And naturally, he hit dem folks with it.

Ok, here’s what really happened, LeBron had a sick dunk and that was Cam’s reaction.

The Hornets were on a seven-game-home-winning-streak before the King and his Cavs came to town. JR Smith wanted to get in on the act, so he hit his dab and then he Superman’d on dat QB… That’s Cam’s classic signature go-to move in the endzone… Only Earl the 3rd did it after a free throw.

But it was all in good fun, keep in mind, JR is a Cowboys fan. The Panthers rocked the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, plus this move JR broke out deserved some sprt of recognition.

The Cavs ended the Hornets seven-game-home-winning-streak. But it was still all love in the end.

and then later, Super Cam got hyped on stage with his Hornets jersey, foxtail and moves at a Future show.

Rihanna has been dabbing also. She hit hers a few times while making Thanksgiving dinner.

That was me all Thursday… We also have to take a moment to pay homage to Drake. The Raptors had Drake night Wednesday that included a “Hotline Bling” booth for fans to get busy in. Your favorite Toronto politician and Drake stan, Norm Kelly got in on the act.

Drake even broke out the moves courtside with his mom.