World Cup recap: USA vs England

The USA played it’s first mach yesterday ending in a tie with England.  As I stated, I’m not really a “Futbol” fan but felt it was my PATRIOTIC duty to watch at least some of the match.

England scored in the 1st 5 minutes. While that was great for an excitement factor, I knew enough about Soccer and the US team’s recent history to know that didn’t bode to well for their success.  But Goalie Tim Howard saved the match with some amazing defense!

Well that plus Clint Dempsey’s goal!

The highlight of the match for me though was neither of these moments. It was getting a glimpse of  Carlos Bocanegra. Mmmmm he is absolutely DREAMY!! Oh annnnnnnnd he’s from Southern California!! Yeah, I’m in it for the “Boos” ::wink::

Don’t sleep ladies, Soccer has a few cuties!! Now if they could only do something about those damn Vuvuzelas!!!

What?? Those things sound like a swarm of Locusts!