Lala’s thoughts on Basketball Wives

Lala Vasquez took over as an editor for a day.  She decided to share her thoughts on the VH1 show, “Basketball Wives” and where she & her fiance, Carmelo Anthony think LeBron is headed via Free agency this summer:

Are you and Melo taking bets on where Lebron is headed?
We’re not wondering because I think Melo knows. Melo and Lebron talk everyday. He’s not one of those people who are out the loop, that’s one of his best friends. The conversations we have here are different from what anyone is having, but I’m not at liberty to share any of that. [Laughs] He’s going to support him wherever he goes, I just think he has more of an idea than anyone else.

What are your thoughts on the show, Basketball Wives?
I think it’s great entertainment and it’s great for Shaunie O’Neal. She had asked me to participate, but it’s just not something for the direction I’m going. But I think it’s a great show, people are glued to the TV.

Would you ever produce a show like that?
Absolutely not. That show is not who I am. I’m not trying to base my life as a basketball wife. I’m trying to base my life on things outside my relationship as far as my acting, my producing, branding myself. It wouldn’t fit into what I’m trying to do. But what it did for them is amazing.

Interesting thoughts, Considering Lala has her own production company as well as a VH1 deal, wouldn’t really make sense for her to participate right? Oh and there’s this little situation called location (recalling the 1st episode where Shaunie explained she “felt most at home in Miami”

Ahhhh reality TV… gotta love it. Lala’s own VH1 show debuts in September.

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