Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. Coming Out of Retirement for Fight 50?

What if I told you Floyd Mayweather Jr. is thinking of coming out of retirement to go for win number 50 in his career. You likely wouldn’t be surprised.

Over the weekend, The 49-0 boxer revealed that he is in talks with Showtime and CBS execs about possible return to the ring.

What would it take to get Floyd to get back in the ring? At least a nine-figure payday over the $100 million and a championship fight.

It could be in the near future because Floyd’s company has filed for trademarks on “TMT 50” and “TBE 50” in late April per

“TMT” of course stands for “The Money Team” and “TBE” stands for “The Best Ever.”

Mayweather earned more than $220 million for his fight against Manny Pacquiao but his final fight was against Andre Berto and it was a lackluster way to go out, to say the least. As for who Mayweather will fight, fans want to see him go up against Gennady Golovkin aka Triple G, but that is unlikely to happen.

Mayweather Promotions has more than 35 trademarks filed at least 140 others that are pending. It could just be a preventative measure, but after the lackluster match up between he and Manny, could Floyd be thinking of perhaps taking on someone like GGG. Who in the boxing world would be worthy of fight 50 against Money May?

In the meantime, Floyd is still on a world tour while enjoying the retired life. Head over to page two for those views.