Giants’ Draft Pick Eli Apple’s Mom Has Warning For Women Trying To Get in his DM’s

Let’s keep it 100. One of the perks of being an NFL draft pick is access to a different caliber of women. So it comes as no surprise that last week’s picks are currently observing a different type of DM.

New York Giants pick Eli Apple might not be the one for the ladies to select as a target for DM thirst. Looks as if his mother Annie is covering his DMs in Jesus to keep them thirst free.

Annie’s twitter feed has been on fire the past week. She also spoke out in defense of her son before the draft after an “anonymous scout” claimed her son had no life skills, like “cooking”

Annie is also a blogger, Survivin in America and used to work in the news business previously. Something tells me she’s a must follow for the upcoming season.

photo via Twitter