Floyd Mayweather Says He’s A Better Boxer Than Muhammad Ali [Video]


ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith recently spent seven hours with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for an all-access interview.

During a ride in Floyd’s Bentley, Stephen A. and Floyd got into a heated debate about boxing. Floyd said that he believes he’s a better boxer than Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.

Floyd’s argument about Ali was based on several facts:

  • Ali only fought in one weight class
  • Towards the end of his career, Ali took a fight with Leon Spinx – who at that time had only won seven fights – that ended with a loss. Floyd says he would never be in that position.
  • He also took issue with his fighting strategy

Floyd said he respects what they accomplished in their career, but in his personal opinion, Money May is The GOAT.

Pre-fight hype? Stephen A. said that Floyd initiated this conversation and also insisted that the cameras roll all day for what was supposed to be a sit-down interview.

Floyd also engaged Stephen A. on the topic of Jordan vs. LeBron. Floyd says King James would win.

12 days until Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.