He Said She Said Warren Sapp vs. 2 Prostitutes: What Happened The Night Of His Arrest [Video]


It’s he said, she said about what went down in Arizona after the Super Bowl between former NFL analyst Warren Sapp, and two prostitutes.

In Sapp’s version of events, he paid the two ladies $600 for oral sex – though only one of the women participated and he used a condom – an argument between the two women ensued when one of the women asked for a tip. He denied assaulting them.


Once Sapp realized that he was going to be charges as a john and headed to jail, emotions took over.


The two hookers, Britney Osbourne and Quying Boyd, share a similar story, however in their version of events. Sapp got heated and started throwing money at them. Then he allegedly tackled both women knocking them to the floor.

videos via TMZSports