Boxer Jermain Taylor accused of threatening to shoot 3 kids


Boxer Jermain Taylor has a lot going on right now. Taylor was involved with another troubling incident during an MLK event.

Taylor was taking a photo with three children, one of the kids dropped Taylor’s championship belt. Clearly an accident, but this set Jermain off. He began threatening her children and even pointed a gun to her husband’s head

via Black Sports Online:

Toya Smith, 40, said she and her family were having a good time at the city’s Martin Luther King Junior Day parade Monday when Taylor produced his boxing belt and asked to get a photo with her son.

Smith says her family had never met Taylor before and that it appeared he had been drinking.
‘He bent down to give my son the belt and he almost fell over and dropped the belt, and he thought my baby dropped the belt,’ Smith said.

She said Taylor — who already faces charges in an August shooting in Maumelle, Arkansas — produced a gun and fired two shots into the air and threatened to kill her husband.
‘He put (the gun) up against his temple, I jumped in front of it and it went off up into the air,’ injuring her husband’s ear, Smith said.

A Little Rock police report says Taylor was arrested without incident and a gun was recovered. He was jailed on charges of; aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a minor and drug possession. He was released on $5,000 bond.

The follow up to the arrest is even stranger:

“I know y’all disappointed in me … I’m sorry if I let anybody down or hurt anybody.”

“Y’all need to get it together,” Taylor said to event organizers … “Had my little girl out there. Nobody had no candy.”

Taylor then suggests he could be in jail for next year’s parade — and says he won’t try to duck serving time by claiming he has drug issues.

“If I gotta go to jail, I’m gonna sit my ass in there … but I’m not gonna say I have no problems with no drugs to get out of jail … I worked too hard for my life to put that in it. So you can kiss my ass.”