Wale wants Kanye West to design the Washington Wizards uniforms


Sports and entertainment have recently begun to fuse in a way never before seen. The involvement of rappers and entertainers involved with sports franchises is at an all time high. A few months back it was announced that the Washington Wizards were bringing on rapper and DC native, Wale as a brand ambassador.

In the new music issue of ESPN the magazine, Wale announced that he would like to get Kanye West to design the Wizards new uniforms.

I want to be a shot in the arm to DC basketball. My job is to provide a spark, at all costs. I’m not going to do anything corny, but I’m talking to Kanye about designing new uniforms. I want to see the phone booth rocking every time I come here. I want to create the “Lake Show,” create what the Bulls had. I want to take the personality of our stars — John, Otto, Marcin — and create what Kemp and Payton had, what LeBron and D-Wade had. That’s the vibe I want.

While I loved Kanye’s Red October’s for Nike. I’m not so sure about him designing NBA uniforms.