3 Reasons Why Mark Cuban Should Buy The LA Dodgers

Frank McCourt and the Dodgers have agreed to auction off the team to the highest bidder. I’d like that person to be Mark Cuban. I know the team is sort of a mess but I think he can restore it to it’s former glory days. Here are a few reasons that I think Cuban should go for it.

  • Matt Kemp- Matt has had an MVP year- we’ll find out soon if he actually receives that award.
  • 3 2011 Golden Glove winners – Clayton Kershaw and Andre Ethier in addition to Matt.
  • It’s LA, DUH

That’s all I got, but it’s enough!! ::giggle:: Seriously, there are thousands of reasons why this is a great opportunity for the right owner. The city hasn’t been swept up in baseball mania in years. It’s the second largest media market in the country and the team isn’t that far from being competitive. We’re ready!