Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders Have Mini Brawl During Camp [Video]

Raiders Cowboys Football

Tweet The Cowboys’ first joint practice with the Oakland Raiders during training camp led to a mini brawl on Tuesday.

Houston Trades QB Matt Schaub to Raiders


Tweet There may have been a bit of prophecy in my earlier post about NFL prospect Johnny Manziel joining Houston Texans running back Arian Foster next season. The two were spotted sitting together during Thursday night’s Houston Rockets game. As of today, there is a vacancy in the Texans starting QB role.

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy rocks Raiders vest to game [photo]


Tweet Why was Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy wearing an Oakland Raiders vest on Sunday? No clue, the Eagles were set to face off against the Washington Redskins and the Raiders were taking on the Texans. Reverse psychology or just his fashion choice for the day?

Raiders rookie TE Mycal Rivera hits his #Terio after scoring 1st career touchdown [video]


Tweet I can’t lie, I love to see a great touchdown dance. Raiders rookie Mychal Rivera celebrated his first career touchdown by hitting his Terio.

Raiders CEO Amy Trask resigns


Tweet The most powerful woman in the NFL is stepping aside. After 25 years, Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask has announced her resignation. Trask made history in 1997 becoming the first woman CEO in the NFL. In a statement sent to media on Saturday, Trask stated that she agreed to stay on during the transition […]

Former NFL player Kwame Harris wishes he would’ve been open about being gay while still playing [video]


Tweet Kwame Harris spent six seasons in the NFL with the San Francisco 49’ers and the Oakland Raiders. During that time, he kept the nature of his sexuality a secret. But a January altercation with an ex-boyfriend that led to an arrest, put his sexual preference front and center for the masses. Now Harris is […]

Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor, Darrius Heyward-Bey & others have a “Harlem Shake” video too [video]


Tweet I guess it’s the NFL’s turn to get in on the “Harlem Shake” phenomenon. The Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jacoby Jones and a few others decided they wanted in and shot their own.

Raiders Desmond Bryant’s mugshot is CRAZY [photo]


Tweet Oakland Raiders DT Desmond Bryant was arrested Saturday night in Miami on charges of criminal mischief for showing up at a neighbor’s house drunk and causing a commotion.  His mug shot is one of the all time classics.

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