Marshawn Lynch Uses a Race Car For Oakland Sideshow

Remember when getting featured on a reality show seemed to be the goal of a lot of athletes? Well, that’s still a goal, but the medium might have changed. Oakland Raiders’ running back Marshawn Lynch is the latest pro to debut a show on Facebook.

If you saw the Skittles spot or his appearance on Running Wild”, you know how exciting adventures with The Town’s favorite son can be.

Bleacher Report picked up on that too and has launched “No Script with Marshawn Lynch.”

“The unscripted series captures Marshawn in random situations, like whipping figure eights in race cars with Lil Rel Howery from Get Out, to whipping a military tank… for real.”

The show started streaming this month and will consist of eight 10- to 15-minute episodes. In episode one we head to a race track for sideshows with Marshawn and a special guest appearance from another Oakland native, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters.

Oh, you aren’t familiar with Oakland Sideshows??



Wikipedia describes them as “an informal demonstration of automotive stunts often held in vacant lots, and public intersections

Now check out Marshawn get his and watch his response when asked if he would face off against Serena Williams in a tennis match while pregnant.

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