Houston Rockets suspend Royce White


The ongoing saga of rookie Royce White and the Houston Rockets has taken another turn. Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey reports the team has suspended white one week for ”refusing to provide services” by not reporting to his assignment to the Rockets D-League affiliate team. Royce has yet to take the court for the Houston Rockets this season and at this point it’s doubtful he ever will.

White took to his Twitter account today as he has frequently throughout this ordeal to express his frustrations with the Rockets.



It’s so sad that this has shifted from focusing on the Rockets and White working together to accusations flying.

  • Mai

    Good, Ms.Jill you know I suffer from this horrible disorder too, I can only speak for myself but you need structure to get through the day, With this disease, sometimes you don’ have good judgement and I think Royce doesn’t have it t at all.

    When I feel like ppl are telling me what to do, I start to rebel. The Rockets have done all they can for him. He need to be accountable for his actions, like I tell ppl I can’t use my disorder to be my crutch in life.

  • StilettoJill

    I hate that he might not ever end up playing a game in the NBA behind this. And now the next talent that might suffer from something similar will have to work twice as hard to prove he can handle it. I honestly feel like they want to help him. I wonder where his family is, haven’t heard anything about them in this process.

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