JR Smith wants to be an All-Star this year


Knicks “sixth man,” JR Smith isn’t concerned about possibly winning the title of “Sixth man of the year.” His focus is on being named a 2013 All-Star.

“My eyes are on being an All-Star, honestly, I’m not focusing on Sixth Man. Sixth Man is more long-term, honestly, end of the year. My individual goal right now is All-Star, then I’ll think about the Sixth Man. I’m trying to be that All-Star coming off the bench for my team.’’

Fan voting ends January 14th and then the coaches have their say until January 24th. JR has scored 20 points in five out of the last six games and came close with 18 points against the Magic Saturday night. He’s the first Knick to score 20 points in four or more games.

So, what do you think? Will JR get your vote for this year’s All-Star game in Houston? I’m sure he’ll still attend the festivities even if he’s not voted onto the team.