Rihanna: “Dating Andrew Bynum Is An Insult”

Rihanna was featured this morning on the Ed Lover morning show in New York (Power 105.1) promoting the release of her new album “Loud” she was asked what the funniest rumor she had ever heard about herself was.

Her response: “That I was dating the Lakers Andrew Bynum. I couldn’t believe they insulted me like that”

ETHERED… she then went on to discuss being in Love with Dodgers Star Matt Kemp.

Audio curtsey to BSO
It’s ok Drew, Braylon Edwards understands the sting of Rihanna too.  Just make another trip to the Playboy Mansion, I’m sure there’s another Playmate there that wouldn’t mind being saved by a 7 foot champion!


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  • In your feelings much RiRi? Damn, lol. She ji’SMASHED on Andrew though, wowsers! SMASHED ON HIM!

  • mace

    aww come on Ri…that`s not nice, and you know that. You`re a fine woman but don`t ever try to make someone feel bad, or less than you are. love you…but be nice.

  • michelle

    I love her music, but she keeps making bad decisions!!

  • CELA

    Now I understand who she really is. Is she so full of herself that she thinks she’s better than Bynum? This young man is rich and so far I haven’t heard of him beating on women but Rihanna’s old boy friend and her new one does have a history of assaulting women. I guess that’s what she likes “Thug Wanna Bs.

  • Joe

    If I was Andrew Bynum I wouldn’t take much offense just consider the source. Shes so wacky that dates guy that beat the crap out of her and then after they do she goes back to them for more. So its her with the questionable dating history.

  • anon

    what a stuck up bitch

  • MarkL

    I can see why Rihanna got a beating she deserved….

  • DodgersKings323

    You go girl! Someone else who prefers baseball to basketball in this town.

  • Jill

    WOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW at Mark L. Nobody deserves that. SMH

  • God

    Andrew Bynum: “My boy Chris Brown taught Rihanna a lesson she will never forget, and that all American woman need to be reminded of nowadays.”

  • Truth Thrower

    This shows Rhianna and the demons follow Crowley and all the rest…See the horns she throws up ask about them…

  • Rihanna looks like an alien anyway. She has that Sam Cassell shaped skull that I just can’t get past.

  • ohJoe

    I don’t know what the fuss is about Rihanna..she can’t sing and she’s got a flat ass..face is pretty, but thousands of other girls got her beat.

  • beagamer

    She just seconds before said how she hates when people talk about others and then she turns around and says this about Bynum. I can’t stand the Lakers but she isn’t is a sack of trash for saying what she did on the airwaves.

  • she is a bitch with herpes

  • FUNNY!!

  • Pat O

    what a bitch

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  • Wepz

    Even bynums too good for that rasshole ryanna.

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