Video of Tiny Dancing With Floyd Mayweather Leaks After T.I. Posts Video of Jokes on Mayweather Sr.

Things may have heated up between Floyd Mayweather and T.I. once again.  Mayweather has been friends with T.I.’s wife Tiny for a long time, but when the couple was going through a rough patch, some people think she and Mayweather got a little too cozy.  T.I. approached Mayweather about Tiny on more than one occasion, but when he did during Memorial Weekend in 2014, an all-out brawl erupted between the guys and their entourages.  Things for the most part seemed to have cooled off, but they have erupted yet again.

Yesterday T.I. posted a video of a dinner he was having with some friends.  Kevin Hart and another guy were having a roasting session when Hart began to use Floyd Mayweather Sr’s face for his jokes.

Today, magically, a video of Tiny dancing with Floyd Mayweather at Mariah Carey‘s Halloween party leaked onto the Internets.  It’s believed that Floyd leaked this video because of the video T.I. posted first.

The video of Tiny is also controversial because a picture of Tiny, Floyd and Mariah surfaced soon after the party and Tiny said she was walking out and Mariah asked her to take the picture with them.  Tiny also said she just took the picture and kept it moving, implying she didn’t have any other encounters with Floyd.  Well, the lie detector test proves that was a lie (Maury voice).