Shelly Sterling Donating Cash From V.Stiviano Settlement To Charity


V.Stiviano has to return $2.6 million in gifts she received from former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. His estranged wife Shelly, successfully sued his former mistress/employee/friend for gifts she received during the course of her relationship with Sterling.


First, let’s look at the list of gifts that Shelly demanded be returned:

•$1.8 million — Spanish-style duplex

•$1.2 million — cash (total)

•$400,000 — cars (Ferrari, two Bentleys and Range Rover)

•$200,000 — credit cards (total)

•$10,420 — two Chanel flapbags

•$5,333 — Cartier love bracelet

•$4,570 — Louis Vuitton suitcase

•$1,051 — Manolo Blahnik shoes

•$925 — dry cleaning

•$843 — skin treatment

•$695 — Chanel thong sandals

•$391 — Easter bunny costume

•$354 — birthday cake

•$299 — two-speed blender

•$140 — Kobe 8 System Nike basketball shoes

•$12 — lace thong

•$1 — donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital as part of a purchase at a CVS store.

Clearly Shelly was being Petty Jackson. A $12 thong and a St Judes donation… And according to TMZ, Shelly doesn’t even care about the cash because she’s rich. She just didn’t want V to have it. She’s reportedly donating the $800K in cash for the cars to charity – I bet she keeps the condo though.

This isn’t the first time that Shelly has sued one of Donald’s mistresses, but I bet this one was more personal considering it’s V. Stiviano whose responsible for them being forced to sell the Clippers, and $2 Billion to their fortune.

On a more serious note, this case might have just set a scary president. I don’t necessarily agree with the ruling – I don’t agree with V.Stiviano per se, but something about this just seems off.

Gift list via LA Times