Why the Jury Convicted Aaron Hernandez


After 10 weeks of testimony, 132 prosecution witnesses (compared to three for the defense) the Aaron Hernandez murder trial is complete. The 25-year old will spend the rest of his natural life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Although the prosecution had no weapon, no witnesses, and a case built largely on circumstance, the jury convicted Hernandez of first degree murder. In a post trial press conference, all 12 jurors gave insight at how they arrived to that decision. The jury was reportedly shocked at the defense team’s strategy. Especially when they acknowledge that Aaron was AT the crime scene, but claimed he didn’t pull the trigger.

  • New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft testified that when he asked Hernandez if he was involved in the murder at the Pats workout facility on June 19th, 2013,  he said he was in a club when Lloyd was killed. Jurors say that made them wonder, “How does he know when Lloyd was killed?” Two years later, a specific time of death hasn’t been pinpointed.
  • Gave a no comment answer when asked if Hernandez fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins was truthful. Some laughed

The jury deliberated for seven days, or roughly 35 hours. The jury became more confident in their decision when they were informed of details they were previously privy too, like:

  • The double murder charges Hernandez faces from a 2012 incident where two men allegedly spilled a drink on Hernandez in a club.

And the fact that Hernandez shot his one-time friend, Alexander Bradley, in the face. Bradley testified during the trial, but was not allowed to mention the shooting.

The jury also didn’t take into consideration the alternate theory the defense presented that Hernandez, two friends and alleged co-conspirators, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace killed Lloyd in a PCP induced rage. Footage taken from Hernandez in home security cameras showed him chilling with Ortiz and Wallace in the hours after the murder also raised red flags for the jury.