“Living Lozada” Recap: Evelyn’s New Life Plus Pregnancy Heartbreak


Five years ago we were introduced to Evelyn Lozada on the original Basketball Wives. Evelyn was beautiful, stylish and feisty.

We watched as Evelyn lost friendships and love, but ultimately ended up finding herself through tragedy. Evelyn is back in a new reality show on the OWN network that features her daughter Shanice plus appearances by her fiance, Dodgers’ outfielder Carl Crawford and her publicist Danika Berry.

During the premiere, we learned that Evelyn was six weeks pregnant but might lose the child.

Check out some of the highlights from episode one:

When Carl put a ring on it.

Evelyn was emotional when talking about her 41 day marriage to Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson. She revealed that she doesn’t even say Chad’s name. She also said that she would go through that experience a million times because it brought her to the place where she is now. Happy, in love and blessed with her son Leo.

Evelyn also talks about protecting her daughter Shanice from the Thot life

Shanice has embarked on a modeling career. She also has plans to launch a fashion and beauty website.

They also dealt with the potential loss of Evelyn’s pregnancy

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