Jay Z defends Tidal On Twitter


Jay Z isn’t really a big social media guy. He uses Twitter strategically. Sunday afternoon, he logged on to respond to criticism his streaming subscription-based music and video service, Tidal, has been receiving.


Since its launch in March, Tidal has received a ton of bad press, including some labeling it as a flop and predicting its demise.

Using the hashtag #TidalFacts. Jay Z assured his followers that “Tidal is doing just fine”




That was a Suge Knight reference. Nicely played Mr. Carter

Ummmm that was random…

The problem with Tidal in my opinion, is it hasn’t given fans a reason to pay premium subscription rates. Gathering the world’s biggest music stars, and using the message that it’s about millionaire artist being paid fairly isn’t really going to move the needle.

A better approach would be to say the service is for the superfan, who wants to get closer to their favorite artist through exclusive releases, shows, and maybe even a phone call from your favorite. All things the service offers, and things that might move people to pay that $19 per month fee.