Is a Married Phoenix Suns’ Player Dating Blac Chyna?


Here’s a lesson in stunting for the gram gone wrong. Blac Chyna- rapper Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, and Amber Rose’s BFF – began dropping subtle hints last month, that she wasn’t the only one to have moved on.

While Tyga is working on being the latest rapper addition to the Kardashian-Jenner family, Chyna had a new boo too, allegedly Phoenix Suns’ PJ Tucker. The problem is, Tucker is married.


This is how it all came out. In March, Chyna began leaving clues that she had a new boo. She posted a photo of herself attending the Suns vs. Brooklyn Nets game.


Then, last week, Chyna posted a video with “Zaddy” while at a club in the Bay Area, highlighting their matching watches.


Mind you, her boo’s face is never shown. He gets the Wizard Kelly treatment. But, the identification was allegedly made by tattoos and the watch. Plus the Suns were in town to play the Warriors earlier that evening.


Chyna also posted a photo in a man’s shirt and made a reference to 6’6… PJ has been listed as 6’5 and 6’6.



Of course, all of this has been deleted from Chyna’s Instagram, and PJ deleted his account too. Sounds as if PJ wasn’t ready for the news to go public.

Here’s a few photos from his IG in case you missed that follow.

Look at the watch, and the hand tatts. Do you think PJ is “Zaddy?”

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