Drake Lost $6,000 Bet To The Game Over Kentucky vs. Wisconsin [Photo]


Like millions of Kentucky fans, Drake lost money on the Wildcats loss Saturday night to Wisconsin.

Drake and rapper The Game bet on the second game of the Final Four match up. Drake took his $6,000 loss like a man, and even put the cash up for everyone to see he’s a good sport.


Great season for the squad. Incredible group of guys that worked extremely hard under the leadership of @ukcoachcalipari. Congrats to the Badgers on a hard fought game and congrats to @losangelesconfidential for taking some money off my hands. Not many ppl can. We’ll be back next year!!! #BBN #CoachCal #BloodMoney #GameWithTheQuickComeUp #CalabasasRivalries


#IfYoureReadingThisItsTooLate Bet my bro @ChampagnePapi a humble $6,000 on the Wisconsin x Kentucky game….. 3 key elements… 1, Wisconsin start with a “W”… second, it’s the day of the blood moon & 3rd… always bet on the RED team…. Bout to be #RunninThooThat6WitMyHoes #YouKnowHowThatShitGo