DeSean Jackson “Home Team” Episode 2 Recap: Mistakes And Alcohol


If you missed episode 2 of Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s BET reality show, “Home Team,” don’t worry, I got you.

On Tuesday night’s episode, DeSean was faced with the impending life changes because his girlfriend Kayla is pregnant. DJacc has yet to tell his mother, but it’s clear she won’t be happy when she hears the news.

First up, DeSean will need to make changes to his spending habits. The typical issue with athletes and their professional friends; members of the entourage who have no jobs and no real contribution to the party budget, but enjoying the spoils. His sister and assistant Dreea had questions about DeSean spending $5,000 in the club.


DeSean’s older brother Byron attributed some of his spending habits to their father passing away, and DeSean not having his guidance anymore.DeSean’s father Bill passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2009.

Most of DeSean’s family doesn’t know Kayla is pregnant yet. Those that do are concerned that DeSean is making a mistake.

Kayla has got to feel crazy watching those conversations.