Another Of Dwight Howard’s Baby’s Mamas Blasts Him On Social media


Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard has always had complicated relationships with the mother’s of his 6 to 8 children – the actual number is up for debate as their are believed to be at least two that that are secrets.


His most recent girlfriend and youngest son’s mother, Christine Vest, is the latest of DH’s baby’s mama to take to social media to complain about him not taking an active role in their two-year-old son Trey’s life.

 “#fedup️ this amazes me😕 Who does this?!😕 I could never leave my child with someone and not even speak to them by video/phone or visits (minus one bday video-per MY request-and 3 hours in the same room “together” for his party)…and for 5+ months? When I reach out I get ignored…when I send fathers day gift and text I get ignored…why? Trey hasn’t done anything to you and even if he did, you should never ignore your own child if you love them. Last I checked…you cheated (again)..I caught u…u went silent….k so u don’t want ME? …that’s fine…but what about ur kid? I’m all about Trey having both parents regardless of circumstances and I thought you did too…so where are you?…*silence*… No one is THAT busy”

The irony in all of this, when Dwight was going through drama with his oldest son Braylon’s mother, former reality TV star Royce Reed, Christine pretty much implied that Royce was delusional. But now, the shoe is on the other foot, and a lot of the things Christine is complaining about are some of the exact things Royce has been saying for years.

Recently another one of Dwight’s baby’s mamas sued him for unpaid child support. Around that same time, Dwight decided to start posting more photos of him spending quality time with his children.


 spotted at Bossip