Derek Fisher Says He Didn’t Break Code Dating Gloria Govan, Matt Barnes Responds

Former NBA champion Derek Fisher had a lot on his mind in a recent interview. He hears all the shots thrown his way about his relationship with Gloria Govan and how that’s impacted his coaching career, and he has some words for the haters.

In a Bleacher Report interview, Fisher addressed those that think he broke “bro code”by getting involved with  ex-teammate Matt Barnes‘ – and friend if you believe Matt’s version of events – former wife, reality star Gloria Govan.

“If the worst thing someone has to say about me,” Fisher said, “is that I’m now going out with a woman who used to be married to this guy I worked with for a year six years ago…”

Fisher paused for a helpless chuckle, then added: “Cool.”

DFish says people are making judgements with limited information

“I see how quickly it shifts and changes when people are told something they don’t even know if it’s true or not,” Fisher said. “It’s comical and hypocritical that we seem to live that way. For whatever reason, we’ve become that type of society. 

“Particularly in sports. There’s this tough-guy bravado culture we’ve created in sports—where if you’re not the toughest, baddest, craziest, strongest dude on the block, then you’re maybe the softest dude on the block. Our point of reference with these things and how we judge someone else’s situation so quickly is crazy to me. It is beyond crazy.”

He’s previously said that Gloria got a bad wrap in all of this.

You know Matt Barnes has already responded, he hopped in the comments sections of a few blogs on Instagram to set the record straight:

“He sounds real tough on here, didn’t sound like that when he was running around my house screaming and pleading.” 

He wasn’t done, he had time today… while on a flight, he broke down that fateful night in October, 2015. He clarified that he had filed for divorce from Gloria, his issue wasn’t that she had moved on – he says he actually had a female friend waiting for him in the Marina at the time – but the fact that the two couldn’t tell him personally. He also said DFish “snitched” to Matt’s team at the time, the Memphis Grizzlies, then to the NBA and later the cops.

Can’t say I disagree that Gloria and DFish shouldn’t have let him find out from his son. They owed him a courtesy call.

photo via Instagram