LeBron James Says Charles Barkley’s Critiques Are Just For TV

If you’re a fan of TNT’s Inside the NBA, you’re no stranger to some of Charles Barkley‘s abrasive opinions. last week chuck and Shaq got into a heated conversation about LeBron James publicly throwing his team and front office under the bus.

The King said his Cavs were “top heavy” with their big 3 of himself, Kyrie & Kevin Love, and that the team needs a playmaker to facilitate more help. Barkley accused Bron of not wanting to compete and basically looking at what Golden State did in the offseason, and having a bit of “me too” syndrome. Especially when you take into account that the Cavs as constructed are essentially a team that LeBron built. Shaq had a different POV, he claims the only thing LeBron did wrong was bring his thoughts to the media.


LeBron’s teammate Tristan Thompson – who also shares an agent with LeBron – didn’t take the king’s words too kindly, essentially telling him to man up and just go out there and play.

Lebron was asked about Barkley’s comments in practice, even though he said he wasn’t aware of his critique, Bron says that Chuck has to be controversial for ratings.