Connect The Dots: Matt Barnes To Derek Fisher To Gilbert Arenas To Marshall Faulk

By now you’ve heard about the triangle involving New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher that has nothing to do with the team’s on court game plan.

Fisher is being accused of dating his former Lakers’ teammate, Matt Barnes‘ ex-wife. DFish and the former “Basketball Wives” star have reportedly been dating for over a month. Matt allegedlly drove 95 miles last weekend to lay hands on Fisher for his “situation” with Gloria. But there are other connections here. Allow me to connect the dots.

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Derek Fisher filed for divorce from his wife Candace in March. When Fisher and Candace started dating, Candace had a son from a previous relationship with former NFL star Marshall Faulk.


Marshall Faulk spent 12 years in the NFL. He was drafted 2nd overall by the Indianapolis Colts in the 1994. He played with the Colts from 1994–1998. In 1999, he signed a seven-year, $45.2 million contract with the St. Louis Rams until 2006.
Marshall’s ex-wife Lindsay gave birth to a baby girl this summer, allegedly by Gloria’s former brother-in-law Gilbert Arenas. Arenas is the father of Gloria’s sister Laura’s four children. Currently Laura and Gilbert are embroiled in a nasty social media battle.
So to catch you up, Gilbert Arenas youngest daughter is the half-sister to Marshall Faulk’s kids. Faulk’s oldest son is brother to Gil’s kids and cousin to Gloria’s twin boys.
That’s a lot…
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