6 Girls Create GoFundMe Page to Finance Trip to NBA All-Star Weekend


NBA All-Star is next weekend. Of course that means along with the on court celebrations, there will be lots of parties and events. Nobody wants to go to an event with no eye candy, so thousands of girls from across the country will be making the trek to New York to enjoy the festivities also.

Some of these women won’t have a place to stay, but have all their outfits ready to roll. Today’s example, 6 young ladies have started a Go Fund Me page for their All-Star trip.



This came about because one of them asked a guy if she and her friends could crash at his spot to go party for the weekend. He declined, and then exposed them on Instagram. Of course, the story took off from there.


They are cute girls, I’m sure they’ll get a few donations, or a couple of offers… But $1,500 is the goal for a group of six?? They need to aim high, you only have one shot to get this right.


The GoFundMe page wasn’t started by the girls. Someone allegedly did it as a joke.

spotted at BSO