Which of your Favorite Jocks have fake Twitter followers?

Would you be surprised to learn that your favorite jock has fake Twitter followers? Recently, social networks has been all a buzz about people purchasing Twitter and  Instagram followers. Purchasing followers isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s been happening for a few years now (Hello Kardashians!)

Enter a new website, StatusPeople.com. This website is all about showing you who amongst your Twitter friends have follows from fake accounts. I decided to help you out and check up on a few athletes. Including  LeBron James, Tim Tebow, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and more. Check out how some of your favorite jocks scored

Most of the athletes on Twitter double as “brand drivers,” they have to look the part, right? The site mentions that the service is really meant to be used on accounts at 10,000 or under. Curious how the algorithm works? The site analyzes a sample of your followers not the entire account. In other words a fake follower percentage doesn’t necessarily mean someone purchased followers.

Need an example? Say you recently said one of “those words” that gets your account hit with a bunch of spambots, you might score higher. It’s flawed but for now, does it make you look at your favs differently?