What’s the problem with LeBron James’ next shoe retailing for $315?

How much are you willing to pay for a shoe? When LeBron James drops his newest shoe with Nike, the LeBron X infused with Nike plus, the expected retail price will be $315. That would make it Nike’s most expensive shoe EVER. Now, before you go on about why it makes no sense to pay that much for a shoe, let’s examine what the shoe offers, technology.

The plus version of the LeBron X is what will be available at that price point. There’s a regular version of the shoe that will go for about $180. Nike plus technology includes sensors that will measure how high you’re jumping and how hard you’re working when synched to a program available as an iPhone App. A lot of shoes claim to make you better, in theory this shoe not only monitors your progress but provides you with a measure. You can also synch up with your friends and send them videos that include that information.

Does that matter to you?

When the first Jordan was released in 1985 it was $65. That’s the equivalent to $138 of today’s dollars and it was just a hot shoe in an out of the norm colorway for the time.

Seems like the technology for your own personal basketball trainer would be worth $130 extra if you had it to spend. But, they give you the option. So what’s really the issue?


photo via Fox News