Top 5 Women Sports Agents Killing the Game

The world of sports agents is no longer a boys club. Over the last few years, women have forged out prominent roles in the industry and they are absolutely crushing it. Here is a closer look at five female sports agents who have started to take over the industry.

Kim Miale

Miale works for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and among her clients are some of the best young running backs in the NFL. She represents last year’s no. 4 overall pick Leonard Fournette and this year’s no. 2 selection Saquon Barkley. Miale represents more top 10 picks than any other female sports agent. She was also the agent who negotiated Todd Gurley’s recent contract extension with the Rams, bringing her to the forefront of the sports world.


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Danielle Cantor

Cantor is a trailblazer. She is partners with Dave Falk, the man who once represented Michael Jordan. Cantor represents players like Malcolm Brogdon, Otto Porter, and Greg Monroe, who would not trade her for any other agent in the world. Not long ago, Cantor was the only female sports agent in the NBA, but she has played an invaluable role in helping to break that glass ceiling for others.


Nicole Lynn

As an African-American woman who grew up below the poverty line, Lynn had a long road toward becoming an agent for NFL players. But she got there with a lot of hard work and determination. She did so before the age of 30 nonetheless. Lynn is now one of fewer than 10 women who have multiple clients on NFL rosters and personally handle contract negotiations. Lynn currently works at Young Money Sports and reps Bengals Malik Jefferson and Jordan Evans.

Kristen Kuliga

Kuliga is one of the most accomplished agents in the NFL, male or female. She has over 20 years of experience and is the founder and point person for the K Sports & Entertainment agency. She was the first woman agent to negotiate a contract for a starting quarterback when she did so for Doug Flutie. It was a watershed moment for female agents.


Jill Smoller

As a former tennis pro, Smoller understands the world of professional athletes, which has helped her become a prominent agent. She’s best known for representing Serena Williams, but Smoller has also served as the agent for track icon Florence Griffith Joyner and former NBA star Kevin Garnett.


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