Tim Tebow trade from Broncos to Jets hits a snag

The trade of Tim Tebow from the Broncos to the New York Jets has hit a snag. Apparently the Jets didn’t read the fine print on Tebow’s contract.

The contract says any team acquiring Tebow has to kick back $5.06375 million to the Broncos in advanced salaries from the 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons, according to an NFL source.

Tebow received $6,277,500 million as advances from salaries in 2011 ($1,213,750); 2012 ($1,425,000); 2013 ($1,691,250) and 2014 ($1.92 million). 

The Jags and Rams are said to be back in the mix for potential landing spots for Tebow unless something can be worked out to put the Jets and broncos deal back into play.

Is a back up QB worth picks AND $5 million?


The Broncos and Jets have come to turns on the trade which brings Tim Tebow to New York. The Jets will send their fourth-round and sixth-round picks in the upcoming draft. The Broncos gave the Jets their seventh-round pick.

As for the real sticking point, the $5 million dollars in guarantees in Tebow’s contract, The Jets will pay a little more than half  ($2.53 million) to Denver over the next two years.