The Top 20 Most Valuable Sports Teams In The World

Sports is a HUGE business (who couldn’t figure that out) but you might be surprised to learn what teams comprise the list of the world’s most valuable sport’s teams. Forbes comprised a list of the top 50, I’m giving you the top 20. Football and Futbol (soccer) rule the top 30. There are 14 NFL teams in the top 20 (the owners didn’t want to miss any games either.  3 New York teams make the top 10. There’s 1 MLB team and my beloved NBA doesn’t even crack the top 45 (The Knicks are #47, my Lakers are 48). Soccer though not big in America, has the world’s most valuable team overall, check it out:

No.1 Manchester United

Value: $1.86 billion
Owner: Glazer family

The Red Devils have 333 million supporters around the world including 17 million fans.

No. 2 Dallas Cowboys

Value: $1.81 billion
Owner: Jerry Jones

Cowboys Stadium has 15,000 club seats that cost $340 for each NFL game.

They may not be America’s team anymore but as far as the rest of the world is concerned, they ARE football.

No. 3 New York Yankees

Value: $1.7 billion
Owner: Steinbrenner family

The Yankees are worth 86% more than baseball’s second most valuable team, the Boston Red Sox.

No. 4 Washington Redskins

Value: $1.55 billion
Owner: Dan Snyder

Redskins have been the NFL’s most profitable team over the past decade.

When’s the last time they won… No, I’m really asking.

No. 5 Real Madrid

Value: $1.45 billion
Owner: club members

Gross revenue of $537 million, second only to New York Yankees among all sports team

No. 6 New England Patriots

Value: $1.37 billion
Owner: Robert Kraft

No. 7 Arsenal

Value: $1.19 billion
Owner: Stanley Kroenke

Kroenke also owns the Colorado Avalanche (NHL), Denver Nuggets (NBA) and St. Louis Rams (NFL)

That’s true Boss behavior although, he’s in the process of turning over ownership of the Nuggets to his son per NFL stipulations regarding team ownership.

No. 8 New York Giants

Value: $1.18 billion
Owners: John Mara and Steven Tisch

MetLife is reportedly close to signing a naming rights deal for New Meadowlands

No. 9 Houston Texans

Value: $1.17 billion
Owner: Robert McNair

The Texans have sold out every game at Reliant Stadium for the past nine years

No. 10 New York Jets

Value: $1.14 billion
Owner: Robert Wood Johnson IV

No. 11 Philadelphia Eagles

Value: $1.12 billion
Owner: Jeffrey Lurie

No. 12 Baltimore Ravens

Value: $1.07 billion
Owner: Stephen Bisciotti

The team has sold out every game since moving to Baltimore from Cleveland in 1996.

No. 13 Ferrari

Value: $1.07 billion
Owner: Fiat Group

A NASCAR team before the NBA… interesting

No. 14 Chicago Bears

Value: $1.07 billion
Owner: McCaskey family

George Halas bought the Bears in 1920 with a $100 investment which has resulted in a 20% annualized return.

I need to find an investment with those type of returns!

No. 15 Denver Broncos

Value: $1.05 billion
Owner: Patrick Bowlen

The Broncos have just one playoff win since 1998

No. 16 Indianapolis Colts

Value: $1.04 billion
Owner: James Irsay

Season ticket renewals for Colts fans at Lucas Oil Stadium are 97%.

No. 17 Carolina Panthers

Value: $1.04 billion
Owner: Jerry Richardson

No. 18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Value: $1.03 billion
Owner: Malcolm Glazer

No. 19 Bayern Munich

Value: $1.03 billion
Owner: club members

No. 20 Green Bay Packers

Value: $1.02 billion
Owner: shareholder-owned

The Packers Super Bowl win in February was the franchise’s 13 NFL title since the league was founded in 1920—four more than any other team.


To see the entire list Check Forbes